Jack Nano in the bin! (COMING SOON)

Hey guys! Jack Nano will be racing into the bin very soon! This has not been published by binweevils yet but as you may know, I am a binweevils Tester. That means that I test things out in the bin before they come out. I am giving you top secret info that must NOT be shared with ANYONE else. I can also confirm there will be a hunt and a competition about this very soon!



About The Bin King-
I am a successful blogger that Has been blogging for over 3 years now! I have been playing Binweevils since 2008 and I am famous for being one of the most oldest weevils in the bin!

10 Responses to Jack Nano in the bin! (COMING SOON)

  1. judisue says:

    No. You’ve just copied the image of the loading ad and you’re guessing. I’ve got the same ad in a draft and I’m waiting to see the girls one again. If you were a BW tester you’d have signed a contract to say you won’t reveal information in advance and they would now be able to sack you or even prosecute you. I thought you wanted to join Weevily World? I’m not going to take anyone on, that I suspect of making things up.

    • Okay then. I was not lying. I did get it from the ad but testers are people that know whats coming out. I said that I can confirm there will be a hunt. I did not say that the picture was a tester.

      • judisue says:

        Pretty easy to guess at a hunt.
        Anyone working in any capacity for BW would need to be over sixteen and sign a contract to say they won’t reveal any information. It’s standard policy. I’m an adult remember? I’m really sorry but the only way I’d believe this is with proof.

      • I will not be subjected for lying, anyways to be a tester you dont have to be an adult. To be a tester is a special offer to some players. They also do it on games like Ourworld and wooz world.

      • judisue says:

        I am aware of that. I have just bought a closed beta pass for Foxotic. In all cases there is a confidentiality clause.
        Also, I have learned the hard way not to believe claims such as yours, without irrevocable proof.
        It is up to me what I choose what I believe.

      • Your right, it is up to you what you choose to believe. So I respect that but I’m not forcing you to believe this so… People can have opinions so I’m fine.

      • judisue says:

        Ok. That’s a very mature attitude. I respect that.

      • Thankyou, can we talk more about all this in the morning please? I am far to hungry and tired, I have gotten on the wrong train twice when I was going to my cousin’s house. So I really don’t need all this at such a young age, because my blood pressure is going high, And I could just eat a whole chicken legged, filled with lettuce, with some sauce, and some nice peach cobla, wrapped in a nice taco she… Okay I have just confused you, please talk about this in the morning, please.

      • judisue says:

        Yes of course.
        I hope you get where you’re going and get some food soon.

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