Gardening tips

When you need to level up, gardening is the best way! You get loads of mulch from it, and you can level up faster! The best way to make your garden look perfect though, is to expand it to the max! My nest’s garden isn’t expanded to the max but it is a deluxe (one down from super deluxe). It costs 107000 mulch to get a super deluxe garden. But did you know when you buy a garden size smaller than that, the price goes down for the super deluxe. Like me, I bought a deluxe garden and now a super deluxe garden is only 30000 mulch! So you can do it that way!

Level 1-5

Midnight blue tulips, red roses.


Pale pink spotted cap, Blue spotted cap, Pink spotted cap, Pink tulip


Curly cap mushroom, Blue Foxglove, Tomato vine, White foxglove, Bomb Cap Mushroom


Orange bubble mushroom, Pink bubble mushroom, Red helicopter swede.




Also, remember about that Garden of the week prize you can win. You could get your garden shown to the whole of binweevils and get a trophy from the Garden Inspector! So once you have your super deluxe garden, you can start sending in your weevily photo’s of your garden!

Some tips: Put up loads of weevily wonderful decorations and Plant all different types of plants, Make your plants have different colours, get a cool fence (not that old perchy one). Also Try and plant loads of RARE plants you find in the shop.

You will also need to be a bintycoon, and just to make it that little bit better, add statues! The statues take ages to harvest but once you do harvest them, you will make tons of mulch and you xp will be high flying!



Also, plant your plants next to each other and take up all the space you can in your garden. the more space you make, the more plants you can fit in!

Don’t leave them all spread out like this:


That is a total NO NO (^^)! That nest only fits a few seeds in there! But if you do it like this:

rite garden


Also remember to put it in a swerved way so everything can fit inside the garden.



Take this short test to memorize and to test yourself to see if you have remembered everything there is to having a weevily great garden!



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  1. tum103 says:

    This page is great!

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